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You can find the main center of Sabbath Rest Advent Church at Waldstraße 37 in 57520 Dickendorf, Germany.

The first visit to a church can be a new and different experience. If you’d like to let us know in advance that you’re coming, we can make sure that you will feel at home. Our phone number is: 02747/5760-109.

What awaits you?

What time does the worship service begin?

The worship service starts Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. The exception to this is the first Saturday of the month which begins at 4:00 p.m. That is our international service, when churches around the world take part via video conference. Our home page lists the next meeting times as well as any schedule changes.

Where is Dickendorf?

Dickendorf is a village in Westerwald, Germany. It is in the country, southeast of the Ruhr district and approximately 70 km from Cologne.

Are the sermons live or recorded?

The sermons are live. Other micro churches in Germany and around the world take part via a video conference board. They are able to watch and contribute to the sermons.

What language are the sermons in?

The sermons are held in either German or English. A direct translation is offered into the other language, respectively. Polish and Spanish translations are also available simultaneously.

What is the worship service schedule?

The sermons last about 60 minutes. They are based on the Bible and deal with current topics. The service begins with prayer and several songs with the congregation. Directly after the sermon, there is a short break, followed by an opportunity for discussion about the subject. Questions and comments enrich the topic. The service ends with a prayer circle in which anyone can participate. This sequence of events may change from time to time.

What is the music like and what genre of music is it?

We sing from our own songbook. Many of the songs have been written and composed by our members. The songs are either in German or English and are usually based on personal experiences. A choir leads the singing and a band accompanies the singers in a modern, but reverent, style.

How can I find my way around when I come for the first time?

The first time at a new church can sometimes be confusing. If you’d like to let us know in advance that you’re coming, we will ensure that someone is there to show you around, so that you can become familiar with everything. Our phone number is: 02747/5760-109.

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