The Church

Who are we?

The Sabbath Rest Advent Church is a group of people who see themselves as followers of the Protestant Christian faith.


We want everyone to have a personal relationship with God through Christ, not through another person, nor through an institution. Although other people can offer a helping hand and can give encouragement to take a stand, the individual, personal experience with God is crucial.

We believe that God never kills. Jesus, who revealed God to us, never killed under any circumstance. Instead, He always gave and sustained life. His actions express the character of God. There is death in the world because the law—given to sustain life—has been broken.

We believe that the peace of God can be in our lives, regardless of circumstances. That is Sabbath Rest. We give God our burdens and accept His care in exchange. Therefore, He is the Source of our life and our strength, so that we can care selflessly for others.

We believe that we must each answer before a final judgement when Christ returns to this world (at His second Advent). This judgment respects every person’s free decision. Although it is our duty to strive for righteousness with all our power, it will not be complete until that judgment. All circumstances will be revealed, and all questions, about why God allowed this or that to happen in the world, will be answered once and for all.

Micro Churches

Micro Churches are small, worldwide communities of the SRAC. Groups of two to 25 people meet in homes or other venues to join together in faith, to share, and to work together as teams for service to others. Each group varies in structure and setup, depending on local circumstances.

My personal motivation

Several members of the Sabbath Rest Advent Church  are also work on the projects of live2give, an organization whose aim is to practically live the principles of love to our neighbors. These team members expressed their views and experiences in writing. You can read them for yourself!

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